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Meet the incredible team at Newquay Puppy & Dog Training, led by our founder James. James has a wealth of experience and is fully qualified in dog training, having trained with both the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers and the Dog Training College. James also holds the distinction of being a fully approved KAD Instructor, which allows him to use the KAD protocol to teach children who are afraid of dogs.

At Newquay Puppy & Dog Training, we are passionate about using

scientific methods of positive reinforcement training to help dogs achieve

their potential. Every dog is unique, and we treat each one as such.

Whether you’re dealing with an anxious puppy or an older dog that

could use some brushing up on their training, our personalized

one-on-one sessions or group classes will provide your

furry friend with the tools they need to succeed.

With over 5 years of experience in the industry,

I take great pride in seeing dogs flourish under my care.

Join us today and see the positive changes your dog can make.


Puppies are a lot of work! But with our dog training program, you can have the tools and expertise you need to raise a healthy, well-behaved pup. Our 100% force free scientific methods of reinforcement provide a gentle and effective way to train your pet and provide a solid foundation for effective communication. Join our program, and let's start working together to see those desired behaviors and results you've been waiting for!

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